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Looking to accelerate your path to profitability?

In the ever-evolving landscape of the restaurant industry, crafting an excellent wine list is essential for designing the best dining experience. With Lucid, create a wine list for you restaurants which is profitable and enticing in just few months. We understand the restaurant’s concept and cuisine and offer diverse selections in terms of grape varietals, styles, and regions. We believe in creating a distinctive identity for the restaurant's wine program by choosing best wines based on customer preferences and emerging trends. We leverage our expertise to create a harmonious pairing that enhances the dining experience. Additionally, we aim to contribute in the establishment's success by implementing a strategic pricing strategy, selecting reputable suppliers, ensuring proper storage conditions for wines, and providing additional tech support. Through staff training and motivation, Lucid enhances the service team's knowledge and enthusiasm, fostering a seamless and elevated customer experience.

Customized Curation
Customized Winelist
Cost-effective Solution
Cost effective
Reliable and Scalable Support
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How lucid adds value??

Choosing Lucid Wine means opting for a partner that understands the unique narrative of your restaurant and is dedicated to telling that story through an exquisite wine selection. We work with 1000+ winemakers across united states to provide best prices and great experience. We shape your wine program by curating a diverse and elegant wine program, spotlighting specific regions, and creating an educational and enjoyable experience for both staff and customers. We are known for balancing quality and seasonality, Offering high-quality wines at various price points ensures that customers have choices that fit their preferences and budget.

Personalized Recommendation
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Choose from 10,000+ graded wines
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Cloud based Education Library
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Create the best wine list.

Rotate your wine list with featured wineries and  save time by using prebuild templates. Build wine program linked to our inventory management software, easily sorted through various filters such as style, grape type, winery, cuvee or region. 

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